HOLBROOK MANUFACTURING, INC. is dedicated to providing custom parts, on time, conforming to customers'  specifications.  It will accomplish this by: - working with the customer to match his requirements with the process to be used.

- establish realistic, agreed upon schedules for completion of work.

- carefully controlling the materials and manufacturing process.

- training all employees in the requirements of quality

It is the goal of management of Holbrook Manufacturing to ensure that employees have all the training and support needed to meet the quality expectations of all our customers. Holbrook Manufacturing views its customers as an equal partner with a common goal of producing a quality product.  Customers are encouraged to make suggestions on process and product improvements.


Holbrook Manufacturing maintains a quality system that meets the requirements of MIL-I-45208 and portions of ISO 9001 Series as required by our customers.  A business software package called Made2Manage is used to control drawing revision levels and provide specific shop floor instructions for each operation of each job as the job is processed through the system.


Holbrook Manufacturing is a supplier of government contract parts.  Welders are certified in both aluminum and steel welding.

1st piece inspection reports can be provided at the request of our customer.

Calibration of gages is maintained per MIL-STD-45662.


Outside Suppliers


If required, suppliers will maintain a system for control of drawings to ensure products are manufactured to the latest requirements.


The supplier is responsible for the quality and workmanship of raw material being supplied to Holbrook Manufacturing.  Suppliers are required to manufacture product in accordance within print specifications.  A system shall be in place to assure accurate tractability to their raw material.


The supplier is responsible for the performance of all inspections/tests to assure conformance to specifications.  Records of such inspection/test shall be made available to Holbrook Manufacturing upon request.


Holbrook Manufacturing maintains the right to inspect their product at the suppliers facility.  Inspection at the source will not relieve the supplier of its responsibility of sending acceptable product.  Source inspection will be used, but not limited to, provide assistance for a process that is out of control and provide immediate feedback and recommendations to establish control.